Innovation Award
   Increasingly Special Award

If innovation is the driving force of the evolution of science and technology, science and technology innovation to for use in the short term, with instant convenient features, and can improve people's life style and improve the quality of life.
Is different from the "innovation" increasingly, special award went further integration of the technology industry high acuity, selected from the perspective of the industry have practical innovation and production feasibility of outstanding works, expect the innovative talents of creative, can further creative practice, create a product with both creative and the design of the marketability.
Special award is on the premise of creative practice, each innovation inspiration, are not to be missed, increasingly driven by product production, industrial special market vision, choose needed for the production of works and potential talent, the jury is composed of executives is becoming more and more electronic departments, professional background across institutions, engineering, r&d, industrial design, sales, management, and other fields.
"Special award" increasingly expected to inspire young designers creativity at the same time, can also be found in the short term can be applied to a practical technology and product of daily life, with a little creativity, inspiration or belief, combined with concrete practice in the short term can be reached, or will achievement another enterprise or industry, continue to improve people's living level, and strive to contribute to society.
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