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   R & D capability

REYIpower electronics is committed to creating value differentiation, and continue to seek industrial upgrading reengineering development opportunities, in the industry transformation is the key to enterprise's r&d ability. REYIpower electronics inside the enterprises set up r&d center, integrating technology development and recruitment of design talent, this is also the key to promote REYIpower electronics ODM brand!


Increasing research and development of electronic technology research and development to integrate the existing technology platform, and to promote research and development design information and automation of process, in order to improve the development efficiency and shorten the research and development, and expand exchanges and cooperation and participate in product industry upgrade technology level, recruit outstanding reserve talents, efforts to cultivate professional and technical personnel, to provide enterprises a steady stream of power source.


Increasingly electronic products and technology research and development has been steadily, because of the development of science and technology trends, consumer and customer needs, and the world environmental protection tidal current, continued in such aspects as product and process have good research and development production, and through the combination of industry and school, continue on the key techniques in the industry layout; In addition, to encourage "innovation", "patent", creating an unfair competitive advantage, and through professional intellectual property management, avoid repetition and waste research time and funds, further reduce the development cost.

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