About Us


Become more healthy, more long-term industry first-class enterprise, the "A" grade products up to the industry standard and the pursuit of industry leadership.

Corporate governance, transparency and fairness. In the pursuit of profit at the same time, adhere to the role of a good corporate citizen of the world's manufacturing in line with the green environmental protection product, and timely feedback to the society.



For customers to provide quality products and services.

For employees to build a harmonious, work atmosphere of mutual respect.

For business partners to provide fair and reasonable, reciprocity and mutual benefit cooperation platform.

For shareholders to provide more better than that of social average return.


Business strategy

Growing business strategy is based on "quality" as the core, with "high quality" (Profitable Growth) for the policy.

The quality of college quality is the beginning of the value and dignity. Quality first, the cost of delivery in the second place, third, this is the same principle, is also a way of maintaining customer loyalty. Only insist on every detail, can obtain the comprehensive development.

High quality growth college the wave of globalization are constantly emerging, so you should ride on the wind, for those routes, with more competitive advantage in the market place.

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