Human Resources
   Training & Development

Human resources are increasingly important assets, continuous training to improve professional ability increasingly colleagues. The 21st century is the century of embrace learning, is increasingly based on tongren study purpose, provide a series of courses:
New Employee training system of New Employee Orientation
In order to make new employees understand the operation of the business of the company and the relevant departments as soon as possible, human resource unit responsible for new employee training, planning and execution to make new employees understand the environment, the enterprise vision, organization, rules and regulations and the product is introduced.

In-service Training system On the Job Training
Training departments in-service training training/seminars, department function
In order to encourage on-the-job personnel/new/transfer department personnel, can understand related professional knowledge, skills or familiar with the works in the department, to ensure that his/her job performance conform to the requirements of the department, the supervisor to deal with on-the-job personnel/new/transfer department personnel to implement on-the-job training.
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